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BAFE Modular Scheme SP203

1000-001  Testifire Smoke/Heat Head Unit
Price: £712.78 inc VAT: £855.34
Manufacturer: Detector Testers
Manuf part number: 1000-001
1000-001  Testifire Smoke/Heat/CO Head Unit

Testifire is a technologically advanced, fully field portable device for functional testing of fire detectors. 

The unit is suitable for testing optical/photoelectric and ionisation smoke sensors,
thermal sensors (fixed temperature or rate-of-rise), and carbon monoxide (CO) fire sensors,
be they conventional, addressable or analogue addressable.
Testifire is also the first functional tester that enables testing of multi-sensors
or multi-criteria detectors from a single test unit.

Two models are available, the Testifire 1000 - for testing smoke and heat detectors,
and the Testifire 2000  - for testing smoke, heat and CO detectors.


Faster, more productive testing with just one tool 
Simultaneous stimuli (smoke and heat) can cut test times in multi-sensors by up to 66%
Stimuli capsules for smoke and CO held within unit
Powered by battery batons within pole
Clearing cycle provides rapid detector reset with no repeat alarm

The Testifire 1001-001 contains:-
1 x Testifire 1000-001 Head Unit
1 x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule

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