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Cooper wireless fire alarms
Cooper JSB fire alarm panels
Cooper JSB Menvier fire alarm devices
 Cooper JSB Biwire fire alarm panels Cooper JSB fire alarm devices
 Cooper CF3000 DF6000 fire alarm panels Cooper CF3000/DF6000 fire alarm devices
 Menvier DF4000 fire alarm devices Cooper MF series fire alarm panels
The Cooper JSB and Menvier range of fire detection equipment offers everything from conventional systems to addressable and bi-wire fire alarm systems as well as a full range of detectors and accessories.

The Cooper JSB
Firedex 2200 range of fire alarm panels are available with 1, 2, 4 & 8 zones. Simple 'one-shot' auto-reset user
test facility & 2 alarm circuits are included as standard.

The Cooper JSB fire alarm detector range includes Optical, Ionisation, Combined Photo/Thermal, Fixed Heat & Rate of Rise detectors. Relay bases, Manual Call Points Bells, Sirens & Beacons are also available

Cooper JSB Bi-Wire fire alarm panels allow the detectors and sounders to share the same pair of wires. This reduces installation costs.
Up to 20 detectors per zone can be fitted.

Cooper JSB Bi-Wire detectors include Photoelectric, Combined Photo/Thermal smoke detectors and fast to medium response heat detectors and common mounting bases. Sounder bases are also available for Bi-Wire systems.

Cooper CF3000 (Menvier DF6000) is a high specification Addressable fire alarm panel with 1 - 4 loop capability. Up to 150 addresses may be added and can be operated as 'stand alone' or on a networked system. CF1000, CF2000 ranges also available.

Cooper CF3000 (Menvier DF6000) Analogue Addressable detectors include Optical smoke, Ionisation, Photo/Thermal and Mult-Mode sensors. A common Menvier mounting base is used. Beam detectors and sounder bases are also available.

Menvier fire alarm detectors for Menvier DF4000
fire alarm systems have modern Retro-Fit equivalents which include Menvier Optical, Heat, bases, Manual Call Points and Address Modules. Devices are progammed using the hand held programming unit.

Cooper Menvier MF200 & Menvier MF400 are 2 & 4 zone budget fire alarm panels. The Menvier MF9300 series has a choice of 2, 4, 8 & 16 zones & 24 hour & 72 hour battery standby.

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