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BAFE Modular Scheme SP203
FBUS16-4-4 Fusion Analogue Addressable Panel - 4 Loop Analogue Addressable Panel
Price: £1,158.33 inc VAT: £1,390.00
Manufacturer: Haes
Manuf part number: FBUS16-4-4
FBUS16-4-4 Fusion Analogue Addressable Panel - 4 Loop Analogue Addressable Panel

Fusion is a unique concept in fire alarm control panels,
combining an analogue addressable style alarm system with conventional and twin wire technologies.
Fusion is capable of running any or all three technologies in a single control panel
with the use of modular, plug-in cards, making it the most versatile panel available today.

Fusion can be installed to operate with the vast majority of existing detectors,
call points and sounders and can accommodate contemporary versions when these are upgraded.
It is therefore effectively ‘future proof’ and provides the major advantage that existing systems
can be upgraded in phases, as budgets allow.
If required, Fusion can be configured to support older style detector circuits
and detector circuits utilising the latest technology simultaneously.
And because Fusion is based upon tried and tested technology derived from
Haes Systems Excel (Conventional) and Vector (Analogue addressable) control panels,
reliability is ensured from day one.


4 Loop, 4 Radials, 16 Zonal LED's
Small Style Cabinet
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