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FSTX-2225-EU Fire Safe Interface
Price: £1,755.00 inc VAT: £2,106.00
Manufacturer: Silent Alert
Manuf part number: FSTX-2225-EU
FSTX-2225-EU Fire Safe Interface

All Fire Safe compatible pagers and SignWave units can be used in buildings fitted with a Fire Safe System.

If the fire alarm is activated then system will send a signal to all pagers and SignWaves within the building automatically.

The Silent Alert Fire Safe System alerts people who are deaf when a fire alarm is activated; it comprises a Fire Alarm Interface and one or more vibrating pager units.

The Fire Alarm Interface links to a fire alarm panel via a volt free relay and incorporates a radio transmitter.

When the fire alarm is activated the transmitter within the Fire Alarm Interface sends a codes radio signal.

When a pager receives this signal it vibrates and lights a fire key on the pager display.

The system is designed to comply with all relevant parts of BS5839-1 2002 and MUST be installed by a competent person as defined in BS5839-1 2002


Dimensions - H300mm x W240mm x D100mm

Weight: Without Battery 1.90KG  - With Battery 4.5kg

Material: Polycarbonate self-extinguishing enclosure

Protection: IP66

Power Supply: 240v AC 50Hz

Battery Back Up: 12volt SLA 7Ah (4015-501-Y)

Alarm Panel feed to Fire Safe Panel: Normal condition 5-30 Volts DC - This can be taken from the leads within the panel. Grounded in alarm mode via an integral OPTO isolated volt free relay

Fault Conditions: Mains Failure, Battery Removal or Charge Failure, Main PCB Failure, Radio Failure.

Radio Compliance: In accordance with EN300 220-1

Radio Licence: Licence Exempt

Range: Up to 1000m in open air.
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