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Gent Vigilon fire alarm panels
Gent S-Quad fire alarm devices
 Gent 34000 fire alarm devices Gent Xenex fire alarm panels
 Gent conventional fire alarm devices Gent SMS Sentri fire alarm panels
 Gent SMS Sentri fire alarm devices Gent fire alarm spares
Gent Vigilon fire alarm panels, Gent Vigilon Compact fire alarm panels, LCD displays & mimic fire alarm panels. Loop cards, network cards and Gent Vigilon fire alarm panel printers.

Gent S-Quad fire alarm sensors, detectors, manual call points, electronic sounders and beacons. Including the combined dual optical, CO multisensor with strobe and speech or sounder.

Gent 34000 fire alarm heat and optical heat sensors and detectors, combined smoke and optical heat sensor sounders,fire alarm manual call points and beam detectors. Duct sensors, loop and mains powered interfaces.

Gent Xenex conventional fire alarm panels and SMS FP585 series conventional fire alarm panels. 1 zone, 2 zone, 4 zone znd 8 zone conventional fire alarm panels, replacement PCB assemblies and fire alarm repeat panels.

Gent conventional fire alarm smoke, fixed temperature heat and rate of rise heat detectors, manual call points, bells, electronic sounders, voice enhanced sounders, magnetic door holders and power supplies.

Gent SMS Sentri analogue addressable fire alarm panels. 1 loop panels with the option of an additional loop card to give a 2 loop fire alarm panel. Up to 32 panels can be networked using the Sentri network card.

Gent SMS Sentri fire alarm smoke, optical heat and heat sensors. Sentri combined sensor sounders and sensor sounder beacons. Gent SMS Senator Advance fire alarm smoke, optical heat and heat sensors.

Gent fire alarm spares including manual call point test keys, fire alarm panel keys, spare printer rolls for Gent Vigilon and Vigilon Compact fire alarm panels, interface access keys, replacement PCB assemblies and replacement printers.
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