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Fire Alarm Inspection and Service to BS5839-:2002

Sunfish is able to maintain and service most fire alarm systems, irrespective of manufacturer. Our independence allows us to give you the most appropriate advice in maintaining and upgrading your system. We offer a range of service contracts to suit your particular requirements. Our engineers have many years experience and are fully trained to the requirements of BS5839-1:2002.

Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

BS5839-1:2002 recommends that every week a manual call point should be operated during normal working hours. The weekly test should be carried out at approximately the same time every week. This test enables occupants to report any instance of poor audibility of the fire alarm signal.

Emergency Lighting

Sunfish provide routine maintenance for emergency lighting systems. Service is provided in accordance with BS5266-1:1989, which recommends two maintenance visits per annum.

Service can be provided for both self contained lighting units, or for central battery systems. New or replacement systems can be supplied, with a design facility if required.

Portable Exinguishers

Extinguishers are essential for the safety of staff and visitors to your building. They help to preserve property and can limit the effect of a fire to ensure business continuity. Fire extinguishers are often an insurance requirement.

Sunfish provide service for portable extinguishers to BS 5306-3:2000. We offer a range of service contracts including comprehensive cover contracts, which include the cost of replacement extinguishers providing certainty over service costs.

Sunfish offer a comprehensive fire extinguisher service programme to the British Standard, including on-site servicing, pressure testing and refurbishment.
The Right Equipment for the Job




Within their definition of a competent person, the BFPSA state that the person should have detector test equipment. All Sunfish engineers carry test equipment manufactured by No-Climb Products

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