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The New SA3000 Silent Alert Fire Safe Paging System for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.

The new, Silent Alert Fire Safe System offers service providers a simple and cost effective solution to the problem of providing fire alarm cover for people who are deaf or hard of hearing within public buildings and workplaces.

The system includes a discreet Pager unit worn by the user. A special radio transmitter will link directly to the Fire Alarm System and is triggered automatically when the Fire Alarm is activated. The Pager responds by vibrating and illuminating the fire key.

The New Fire Safe Compatible Signwave Portable Sounder Flasher is ideal for use in Hotels, Resdential Homes & other multi occupancy accomodation as an alternative to a Pager unit.

The system is compliant with all relevant parts of the new British Standard for in-building Fire Alarms which includes paging for people who are deaf, BS5839 part 1:2002. This standard was specifically redrafted to cover paging systems for deaf people linked to Fire Alarms.

The Fire Safe system has an open air operating range of 750 to 1000 metres

The system is radio licence exempt and can be installed and serviced by the service provider's own Fire Alarm Maintenance company. These factors help to keep ongoing costs low.
The system's unique design helps service provider's fulfil their obligations under the fully implemented Disabilty Discrimination Act

 Fire Safe Pager


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